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What Are Bath Pillar, Radiator Valves & Other Spare Parts?

Bath pillars, radiator valves and other spare parts refer to heating, water supply and sanitary installation parts or accessories, which are usually included as accessories or replacement parts of equipment. Here are some specific explanations for them:

1. Bath pillar - a bath pillar is a type of bath faucet, usually consisting of a faucet and a bath mixer, mounted on the rim or wall of a bath to control the flow and temperature of hot and cold water.

2. Radiator valves - radiator valves are valves used to regulate the temperature of heating appliances. There are generally two types: Manual and automatic. Manual valves require manual adjustment, while automatic valves can automatically control the temperature.

3. Other spare parts - other spare parts include accessories for various bathroom facilities, such as shower heads, shower hoses, shower racks, etc. Also includes some accessories for heating equipment, such as pipes and joints, and some other related small parts and spare parts. These spare parts are usually designed to replace damaged or failed components.

What Do Radiator Valves Do and How Do They Work?

The radiator valve is an important part of the radiator system, mainly used to control the water flow and temperature of the radiator. Their function is to control the heat output of the radiator by adjusting the speed and temperature of the water flow to meet the demand of room temperature.

There are two types of radiator valves: Manual and automatic. Manual valves are usually controlled by a handle that can be manually turned on or off to control the temperature of the radiator by turning the flow of water on or off. The automatic valve is controlled by a temperature sensor and an electric actuator, which can automatically adjust the water flow and temperature of the radiator to maintain a stable room temperature.

When the room temperature drops below the set temperature, the automatic valve will open and allow hot water to pass through the radiator, thus heating the room. When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the automatic valve will close, stopping the water flow, thus controlling the temperature of the radiator. This keeps the room from overheating or wasting energy. Manual valves work similarly but require manual adjustment of water flow and temperature.

Features of Bath Handset Holder

A bath handset holder, also known as a hand shower bracket or holder, is a crucial accessory in the world of bathroom fixtures. It serves as a convenient and functional solution for securely holding a hand shower head in place when it's not in use. Bath handset holders come with various features that enhance their usability and make them an essential part of modern bathrooms.

Adjustable Angle: Many bath handset holders have an adjustable angle feature, allowing users to tilt the hand shower head to their desired position. This is particularly useful for directing the water spray accurately during showering or for different users with varying heights.

Height Customization: Some holders offer height-adjustment capabilities, ensuring that the hand shower head can be placed at a comfortable level for users of different statures, including children, adults, and those with mobility challenges.

Secure Grip: The primary function of a bath handset holder is to securely grip the hand shower head in place. This prevents the hand shower from slipping or falling during use, ensuring safety and convenience.

Easy Mounting: Bath handset holders are designed for easy installation, often featuring wall-mounted brackets or adhesive solutions. This makes it simple for homeowners to attach them without the need for professional assistance.

Swivel Mechanism: Some holders include a swivel mechanism, allowing users to rotate the hand shower head horizontally. This is beneficial for targeting different areas of the body or for rinsing the shower area after use.

Compatibility: Bath handset holders are designed to be compatible with a wide range of hand shower heads, ensuring that users can find a suitable holder for their existing shower system.

Stylish Design: These holders come in various designs, finishes, and materials to match the aesthetic of the bathroom. They can seamlessly blend with existing fixtures and contribute to the overall look of the shower space.

Durable Materials: High-quality bath handset holders are constructed from durable materials such as metal or high-grade plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Multi-Functionality: Some holders incorporate additional features, such as storage shelves for soap or shampoo, which adds to their functionality and utility.

Easy Cleaning: Bath handset holders are designed to be easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining a hygienic bathroom environment.