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What Is Angle Valve?

An angle valve is a type of water valve that is installed at an angle in the water pipe. It is also known as an "angle stop valve", "angle shut-off valve", or "corner valve". Its main function is to control the opening and closing of water flow and can be used to control the flow of cold and hot water, mixed water, or other liquids.

The angle valve typically consists of a valve body, handle, valve core, and sealing ring. The valve body is usually in an angular shape, with one end connected to the water pipe and the other end connected to the faucet or other equipment. The handle is used to turn on or off the water flow, while the valve core controls the smooth or cut-off of the water flow. The angle valve can typically rotate up to 90 degrees to control the opening or closing of the water flow. Additionally, some high-end angle valves come with additional features such as filters to remove scale and impurities and improve water quality.

Angle valves are widely used in homes, industries, and commercial places such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, hospitals, hotels, etc. Due to their convenient installation and maintenance, as well as reliable performance, angle valve has become an essential component in home and building engineering.

What Is the Difference Between Angle Valve and Gate Valve and Ball Valve?

Angle valve, gate valve, and ball valve are three different types of water valves, which differ in structure, purpose, and control methods.

First of all, both the angle valve and gate valve are valves that are switched by lifting and lowering the spool. However, their structures are different. The angle valve's valve body is angled and can be installed at the corner of the water pipe, usually used to control the water flow in the kitchen and bathroom. The valve core of the gate valve moves up and down in a straight line and is used to cut off and open the water flow on the pipeline. It is often used in the control system of household and industrial equipment.

In addition, the ball valve is also a common type of water valve. Different from the angle valve and gate valve, the ball valve controls the switch of water flow by rotating the ball. The ball valve has a simple structure and is easy to use. It can quickly control the opening and closing of the water flow. It is widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other fields.

The three-valve types are different in terms of usage scenarios, control methods and structural forms. An angle valve is suitable for water flow control in homes and commercial places; a gate valve is used to cut off water flow, such as maintenance on pipelines; and a ball valve is more suitable for some occasions that need to control water flow frequently.

Use of Double Angle Valve

A double-angle valve, also known as a dual-angle valve or dual shut-off valve, is a plumbing fixture that serves as an important component in connecting water supply lines to various appliances or fixtures in the household. This valve is designed with two outlets and two shut-off handles, providing control over the water flow to two separate lines.

The primary usage of a double angle valve is in connecting appliances that require both hot and cold water inputs, such as faucets, toilets, bidets, washing machines, and dishwashers. The two outlets on the valve allow for separate connections to both the hot water supply line and the cold water supply line. Each outlet is equipped with its own shut-off handle, allowing users to independently control the water flow to each line.

For instance, in a bathroom setup, a double angle valve can be installed beneath the sink to supply water to both the hot and cold faucets. This enables users to adjust the water temperature by controlling the flow from both outlets, ensuring a comfortable and desired water mixture.

Double angle valves are also commonly used in kitchens, where they provide the necessary water connections for appliances like dishwashers and ice makers. They offer flexibility in managing water supply and are especially useful when appliances require different water temperatures for optimal functioning.

The individual shut-off handles on a double angle valve serve practical purposes as well. They allow for easy maintenance or repairs to one supply line without interrupting the water supply to the other line. If a leak or issue arises, the corresponding shut-off handle can be turned to stop water flow without affecting the functioning of other connected appliances or fixtures.

A double angle valve is a versatile plumbing fixture that enables the efficient and controlled distribution of both hot and cold water to various appliances and fixtures. Its dual outlets and shut-off handles provide flexibility, convenience, and reliability in managing water supply connections throughout the household.