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What Are the Types of Brass Fitting? What Is the Difference in Their Roles and Functions?

Brass fitting refers to brass fittings installed on components such as shower faucets, spray heads, water pipes and control valves. These fittings usually include faucet bases, shower head bases, adapters, plumbing fittings, etc., which are used to connect and support different parts of the shower system. The function of these brass pipe fittings is to ensure the normal operation and smooth flow of water in the shower system while ensuring the stability and durability of the shower system. Brass pipe fittings are widely used in shower systems because of their excellent corrosion resistance, durability and ease of processing.

Brass fitting comes in many types, including brass fittings on components such as faucets, sprinklers, water pipes, and control valves. Here are a few common types and their roles and functions:

1. Faucet base: Installed under the shower faucet to fix and support the faucet. The faucet base is generally divided into two types: Fixed type and rotating type. The rotating type base can make the faucet rotate and adjust the direction conveniently after installation.

2. Spray head base: Installed under the shower head, used to fix and support the shower head. Sprinkler mounts are often available in a variety of sizes and sizes to accommodate different shower heads and plumbing specifications.

3. Conversion joints: Used to connect water pipes and sprinklers of different specifications and sizes so that they are compatible with each other.

4. Water fittings: Brass fittings are used to connect water pipes of different lengths and connect the pipes to allow the flow of water to flow unimpeded.

5. Control valve: Installed under the shower faucet, it is used to adjust the water temperature and water flow intensity. Control valves usually have two kinds of single handles and double handles. The single-handle control valve can easily adjust the water temperature and water flow intensity at the same time, while the double-handle control valve is used to adjust the water temperature and water flow intensity respectively.

Water Dragon Head Brass Accessories

Brass accessories for faucets play an important role in the function, stability and appearance of the faucet. These brass fittings add a lot of functional and aesthetic value to the faucet by taking advantage of the corrosion resistance, durability and aesthetic properties of brass. Here's what brass fittings do in a faucet:

Internal structural stability: Brass accessories, such as spools and internal connections, help maintain the structural stability of the faucet, ensuring reliability over time.

Corrosion-resistant durability: The corrosion-resistant nature of brass fittings allows the faucet to maintain its appearance and performance in wet and water environments, preventing rust and corrosion.

Water flow control: Brass accessories, like the spool, control the flow and flow of water. Different types of spools can achieve different water flow effects, such as rain, spray and water saving.

Temperature control: Temperature-controlled accessories, such as the temperature-control valve in a two-handle faucet, allow the user to adjust the outlet water temperature to ensure a comfortable bathing experience.

Decorative appearance: Brass accessories on many facets, such as handles, cover plates and trim rings, add a classic and sophisticated look to the faucet, enhancing the overall aesthetic value.

Stable connection: Brass connection pieces, such as threaded joints and pipe connections, ensure a stable connection of the faucet, preventing water leakage and loosening.

Heat resistance: Brass accessories have excellent heat resistance in hot water faucets, and can withstand the flow of high-temperature water, ensuring stable performance.

Antibacterial: Brass has certain antibacterial properties, which can reduce the growth of bacteria and make the faucet more hygienic.

Brass accessories provide the faucet with a stable internal structure, durable performance, water flow and temperature control, while also adding aesthetic appeal to the faucet. They play a vital role in keeping your faucet functioning properly and providing a pleasant user experience.